We work with COMMITMENT
for our customers to achieve their objectives.

We set challenging objectives
and goals that allow us
to offer you EXCELLENCE in what we do.

We foster continuous
improvement to achieve the highest QUALITY.

We set ourselves challenges daily
to generate RELIABILITY
in our products, solutions and services.

We ensure success because
we believe in TEAM WORK.


We are a company that counts on the people, the technology and the experience of more than 25 years in the market of VeriFone Points-of-sale solutions. Regardless the size or type of business of our customers, we know how to listen to them, we have grasped their requirements and we have been able to fulfill them.


Our terminals offer secure transactions and they are easy to install. They comply with security standards. They allow a wide variety of payments, including chip, magnetic band and NFC/Contactless. We count on a wide variety of wireless and mobile solutions.


We keep our customers informed of the latest news and innovations in our services and products, as well as of any relevant information from our allies.


We have our own development team specialized in payment devices, who manage projects and provide adequate support in integrations and maintenance of applications.


Our businesses allies have allowed us, throughout the years, to offer you high quality products and services. We have counted on all your support to promptly satisfy our customers’ demand and guarantee the right operation of our services.


If you are located in Venezuela or Puerto Rico, contact us.

We customize our solutions and services to our customers’ measures and needs.

solutions & services


The Points-of-Sale (POS) Management System allows, through a WEB type interface, the automated, immediate and online processing of the POS installed in the business network of our customers.

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It is a Points-of-Sale (POS) Management System that allows, through an interface, the download of applications, thus facilitating operating burdens. With this VeriFone tool, you may start downloads from the POS or from the VeriCentre.

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Development of Applications

Our technical staff is specialized in payment devices; we count on Engineers and Technicians committed to serving new requirements, as well as to maintaining our customers’ apps.

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Wireless Solution

Companies that envision the future are profiting from the innovations in mobile technology in order to transform their businesses. The wide variety of VeriFone wireless solutions improves operations and customer service, builds loyalty and increases profits.

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Our terminals offer secure transactions and they are easy to install. We count on a broad spectrum of wireless and mobile solutions.